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COVID-19: how we're keeping up.


Dance-ready attire

Dancers are required to come dressed for class.  Necessary outerwear should be hung on the hooks located downstairs; the mezzanine locker room is closed. Our youngest students are asked to wear t-shirts with leggings or shorts, rather than leotards and tights.  This simplifies bathroom use and reduces time spent there, helping us to maintain social distancing guidelines.

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Taking temperatures & cleaning hands

All persons entering the building will have their temperature taken. Those with temperatures above 99.5° will kindly be asked to leave. Once inside, everyone is directed to stop at the hand sanitizer station located by the front stairs.

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All persons inside the building will be asked to wear a mask. This includes during dance classes, music lessons, and pre-school.

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Social distancing

Studio capacity is determined by studio size. Taped markings on the floor will aid students in keeping social distance as they partake in classes, and students will be assigned their own space/barre if applicable. Bathrooms are limited to two people at a time, and parent waiting areas and the mezzanine are closed.

we each have our own barre.jpg

Building sanitization

Food is not permitted within the building at this time.  High-touch surfaces like barres, door handles, and in some cases studio floors, will be wiped-down between classes.  The building is professionally cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

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