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Young Boy Playing the Piano

Piano, guitar, and voice lessons with teachers who care.

Learning to read notes is a similar skill to reading words—it is the fundamental process of seeing a symbol, recognizing it, then taking an action in response. Our teachers are experienced in working with a range of students including beginners, young musicians working toward collegiate-level music study, and anyone seeking music instruction for enjoyment and personal enrichment.

The music department strives to enrich the lives of all ages and abilities by focusing on an individual’s current strengths and what each person desires to achieve with the instrument that has been chosen to study.  Music cultivates many skills that are useful throughout life for both children and adults.  These include concentration, coordination, perseverance, self-confidence, and relaxation.  The Academy schedules multiple recitals per year so that students who feel ready can share what they have accomplished with family, friends, and peers.

Studying Music at the Academy

Interested students (or parents) may contact the Academy office to be matched with an appropriate music instructor.  Prospective students will be contacted by the instructor to discuss current ability, goals, and scheduling options.  Students who then wish to enter the program will complete registration with the Academy office and pay tuition and fees before lessons begin.


* The Academy's private music program year is divided into Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions which are typically 12 weeks in length, plus a Summer session that may be slightly shorter.  Tuition is due in full at the beginning of each session. 

* When a student must miss a scheduled lesson, the instructor may schedule a make-up lesson, or allow a tuition credit to be applied at the next session.  

* No refunds are given for missed lessons for any reason.  If a student will be leaving the program, he or she should plan to take all pre-paid lessons before doing so.

* Music students are expected to re-register annually with the Academy office.

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