Young Boy Playing the Piano

Piano, guitar, and voice lessons with teachers who care.

Learning to read notes is a similar skill to reading words—it is the fundamental process of seeing a symbol, recognizing it, then taking an action in response. Our teachers are comfortable with beginners, but also have the skills to work with young musicians who are hoping to study music at the collegiate level.

Music at the Academy

While the dance part of Academy started in 1971 in Stephanie’s living room, the music department was added in 1977 with the move to Marion Street.  The music department continued to grow and with the move to the Academy’s current location on Lake Street, more music faculty were added.  Many of the new personnel were teaching at the American Conservatory of Music and the Sherwood School of Music.   Some of these people include former area residents such as Bill Kruse, Margaret Nichols, and included Herman Spier.  


The music department strives to enrich the lives of all ages and abilities by focusing on an individual’s current strengths and what each person desires to achieve with the instrument that has been chosen to study.  Music cultivates many skills that are useful throughout life for both children and adults.  These include concentration, coordinations, perseverance, self-confidence, esteem, and relaxation.  When a student is ready to share what they have accomplished, the Academy regularly schedules recitals, both for children and adults.