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Our 2023-24 program year starts August 28th!

Image by Bernard Hermant

Arts Readiness Training School

The A.R.T.S. early childhood enrichment program at the Academy is designed to carefully nurture the precious developmental years of your child. Our comprehensive program includes art, creative movement, Montessori activities, music, physical fitness and pre-academic skills.


The Downstairs A.R.T.S. program includes art, creative movement, music, physical fitness and a Montessori environment. Each day provides a balance between the teacher-directed movement classes and child-directed art and Montessori based experiences.

Developing a curiosity for movement, visual arts, and music.

2yrs - 4yrs

The Upstairs A.R.T.S. program offers creative movement, art, creative arts & crafts, music, cultural awareness, world dance, physical fitness, children's literature, Montessori, and science with monthly days dedicated to indoor/outdoor and rigorous/mindful movement. Courses are united around common themes, concepts (shape, color, time), seasons, and cultures from around
the world.

Continuing development of creative skills and outside-the-box thinking.

4yrs - 6yrs

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