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Ballet & Pointe

Program of Study


Introduction to Ballet

Intro Ballet 1, 2, &  3

These classes are for children ages 3-5 as of September 1.  Placement at this level is based on age, regardless of experience.  Click here to read about our Introduction to Ballet program.

Basic Ballet Levels

Ballet 1 & 2, Boys' Ballet & Ballet Basics for older beginners

Students who are at least 6 years old by September 1 may enter these levels to begin progressive Ballet training. No experience is necessary to enter Ballet 1 or Basic Ballet. Click here to learn more about these classes.

Teresa Ballet 2 2-24.jpeg

Elementary Ballet Levels

Ballet 3, 4, & 5

Elementary level students begin taking ballet two times per week. These levels do require prior experience and generally coincide with students' grade level in school. At the ballet 5 level, modern dance becomes integrated into the curriculum.  Read more about these levels here.


Intermediate Ballet Levels

Ballet 6, 7 & 8

At the intermediate level, ballet study increases to three times per week.  Pre-pointe is introduced at the ballet 6 level, with students typically ready for pointe shoes mid-year.  Click here for more information about intermediate level ballet.


Advanced Ballet

Ballet 9, 10, & 11

Advanced Ballet students typically take four ballet technique classes per week.  Contemporary ballet is introduced at the ballet 10 level for a possible fifth ballet technique class.  Learn more about advanced ballet here.

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